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Pre-game Meal Schedule

Pre-Game Meal Schedule


Feel free to exchange dates with another family if you need to, just please make sure that your date is covered. If you are unable to fulfill a date or find a replacement, please let the coaching staff know in advance so they can make arrangements. On days with questionable weather, we will update you as soon as a decision is made, sometimes that has to be last minute and we apologize but can't help that. When games are rained out, we may pick up/reschedule games along the way, if those families who had their date cancelled could volunteer first to help cover those games it would help out. There are a few dates at the end of the year that were left open for volunteers. If you want to pick up one of those dates or have any questions, feel free to text/email Coach Philpot ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). 

The post game snacks will be completely voluntary, to volunteer or help with those, call/text the VanNorstran's. (606-215-4674)